We have a client consultation with all of our clients.  We gather as much information about our clients as we can about their wedding so that I'll know how to photograph our client. We listen to their plans for their wedding and educate the client about photography. We will let the client know we are flexible, that we are working for a customer experience and stress-free day. We'll let the families know about their responsibility to make this important day a success!! 

We will ask the bride and groom about where they would like us to photograph the bride and her family before the wedding, also about photographing the groom and his family, and photographing the bride and groom together before their wedding day. We will talk about photographing the bridal party with the bride and the groom before and after the ceremony. We will talk about photographing the before shots of the wedding. Talk about photographing the processional, the ceremony, exchanging of the rings, the kiss and recessional. Talk about photographing the greeting line and the candid shots. Talk about photographing the formal shots directly after the ceremony and before going to the reception. Talk about photographing outdoor shots arriving/leaving the reception. Talk about photographing the reception. We let the client know we like to start 2 to 3 hours before the wedding. We will set this time in advance.

The reason why we like to start early is because we will arrive at the home about two hours before she leave for the affair. we will look around to do some things outdoors if the weather is good. We will do something indoors to give them a variation of shots. We will let the client know that I will be with them all day until the affair is over. We will take two shots of all the guests at the tables at the reception.

The service we provide is full service, reliable, competent, punctual, and courteous. We offer Signature Wedding Albums in sizes 8x8, 10x10 and 12x12  with thin or thick pages for your prints.  They are flushed mounted to the pages.  We offer your names on the cover or Our Wedding and the date of your wedding. We offer Gallery Wraps in sizes 11x14 , 16x20, 20x24 and 24x30.