We do a client consultation with our clients and ask our client what we are shooting for? We were requested to photograph their 4 Generation Family Portrait by Rhonda this past spring 2017. We gather as much information about their family as we could for their family portrait session, so that we will know how to photograph our clients. We let our clients know that we are flexible, that we are going to have a great client experience and a stress-free day.  We will let the family know about their responsibility to make this important day a success.  We talked about their clothing selection and the color scheme that they would wear.  We asked the family where they would like us to photograph their family as a unit and individual family shots and individual portraits. We looked around outdoors to select the appropriate area to photograph their family provided that the weather is good.  The service we provide is full service, reliable, competent, punctual, and courteous.

We offer Signature Albums in sizes 12x12, 10x10, 8x8, with thin and thick pages for your prints. They are flushed mounted to the pages. We offer your names on the cover and the date of the session. We offer Gallery Wraps in sizes 24x30, 20x24, 16x20.